Mississippi High School Activities Association  
  1985 Football Season Summary  
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  1A 2A 3A 4A 5A   1A 2A 3A 4A 5A   1A 2A 3A 4A 5A   1A 2A 3A 4A 5A    
  Class 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A  
  State Champions Weir Bassfield Rosedale Louisville Meridian  
  North State Champions Weir Philadelphia Rosedale Louisville Starkville  
  South State Champions Mount Olive Bassfield Magee Pearl Meridian  
  District 1-1A 1-2A 1-3A 1-4A 1-5A  
  Champions Smithville South Pontotoc Kossuth West Point Tupelo  
  Subdistrict   North        
  Champions   Baldwyn        
  Subdistrict   South        
  Champions   South Pontotoc        
  District 2-1A 2-2A 2-3A 2-4A 2-5A  
  Champions Falkner Calhoun City Lafayette Olive Branch South Panola  
  District 3-1A 3-2A 3-3A 3-4A 3-5A  
  Champions Nugent Center Drew Rosedale Cleveland Clarksdale  
  Subdistrict     North      
  Champions     East Side      
  Subdistrict     South      
  Champions     Rosedale      
  District 4-1A 4-2A 4-3A 4-4A 4-5A  
  Champions Weir Philadelphia New Hope Louisville Starkville  
  Subdistrict East East        
  Champions Weir Philadelphia        
  Subdistrict West West        
  Champions Moor Williams-Sullivan        
  District 5-1A 5-2A 5-3A 5-4A 5-5A  
  Champions Mount Olive Southeast Lauderdale Bay Springs Northeast Jones Meridian  
  Subdistrict North   East      
  Champions Enterprise (Clarke)   Northeast Lauderdale      
  Subdistrict South   West      
  Champions Mount Olive   Bay Springs      
  District 6-1A 6-2A 6-3A 6-4A 6-5A  
  Champions Saint Aloysius East Flora Magee Pearl Warren Central  
  Subdistrict East East North   North  
  Champions Puckett Lake Forest   Callaway  
  Subdistrict West West South   South  
  Champions Saint Aloysius East Flora Magee   Warren Central  
  District 7-1A 7-2A 7-3A 7-4A 7-5A  
  Champions Cathedral Bassfield Tylertown McComb Brookhaven  
  Subdistrict East East East      
  Champions Dexter Bassfield Tylertown      
  Subdistrict West West West      
  Champions Cathedral Wilkinson County Franklin County      
  District 8-1A 8-2A 8-3A 8-4A 8-5A  
  Champions McLain North Forrest Bay D'Iberville Moss Point  
  Subdistrict     North      
  Champions     Purvis      
  Subdistrict     South      
  Champions     Bay      
  Class 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A  
  Undefeated Seasons Weir Baldwyn Lafayette   Clarksdale  
  Moor South Pontotoc East Side      
  Enterprise (Clarke) Drew Rosedale      
  Mount Olive East Flora Tylertown      
  Puckett Bassfield Bay      
    North Forrest        
  Class 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A  
  Winless Seasons Maben Okolona North Panola South Jones Biloxi  
  Alexander   Coahoma AHS      
  Hickory   Winona      
  Beat Four   Oak Grove      
  Topeka-Tilton   East Central      
  Our Lady of Victories